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Welcome to KuwaitStorm.com where Aviation and Meteorology merge seamlessly. Our aim is to provide live information for both pilots and enthusiasts. You will be able to see storms, track flights, view aviation weather including all flight preparation information like NOTAMs , TAFs, METARs, and SIGWX Charts. Live aviation information includes both a live RADAR screen and live ATC voice transmissions . As for meteorology, the main attraction is the StormVue and LDP. Do you want to talk to others about weather or aviation? Then why not join our Forum which is also the only place to get the RADAR password. Please remember to visit the FAQs to answer many common questions.

KuwaitStorm has taken Kuwait by storm.


Live Lightning Strikes


Live Kuwait Airspace RADAR

Live OKBK RADAR Agreement


NO MORE WAITING!!! That's right! I have managed to stream my AirNav Live RADAR. No more 5 minute lag! This is REAL-TIME! Although you can view a 5 minute delayed yet auto-updated screenshots here if you must, for the slower internet connection some may have.

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Providing air traffic data to the public is an exciting thing, but also attracts the attention of all people concerned about terrorism. We (the aviation enthusiast and professionals) agree that no more harm can be done to an airplane with the help of this service than with any other freely available information, such as departure and arrival information from the airports themselves, or a handheld scanner radio. Nevertheless, all access to this service is recorded at all times.

No guarantee can be made as to the accuracy, timeliness, quality or fitness of the data for any other purpose than aviation enthusiast activities.
Do not base any critical decisions or systems on the performance of KuwaitStorm's live RADAR screen! You have been warned!

If you have any concerns, questions, complaints, praise or wish to contact me (the owner and operator of KuwaitStorm), please send your emails to webmaster@kuwaitstorm.com

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 NOTE: You will need a password to view the RADAR screen. To obtain your password please visit the FORUM

لمشاهدة الرادار يرجى التسجيل بالمنتدى للحصول على كلمة السر الخاص بالبرنامج

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