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Welcome to KuwaitStorm.com where Aviation and Meteorology merge seamlessly. Our aim is to provide live information for both pilots and enthusiasts. You will be able to see storms, track flights, view aviation weather including all flight preparation information like NOTAMs , TAFs, METARs, and SIGWX Charts. Live aviation information includes both a live RADAR screen and live ATC voice transmissions . As for meteorology, the main attraction is the StormVue and LDP. Do you want to talk to others about weather or aviation? Then why not join our Forum which is also the only place to get the RADAR password. Please remember to visit the FAQs to answer many common questions.

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Live Lightning Strikes


Live Kuwait Airspace RADAR

Frequently Asked Questions

1. We would like to know how many aircraft the receiver is able to track at any one time. We presume there must be some limit to the number of aircraft positions that can be tracked/displayed, so can you also tell us what selection policy you use for the tracks that are displayed should the limit be reached, for example, is it the 'N' nearest to the antenna?

There is no set limit (depends on memory in PC).

2. Does a Mode-S transponder transmit anything that SBS-1 captures even when it is not being interrogated/is outside cover of a Mode-S interrogator?

Yes, ADS-B, if it is an ADS-B equipped transponder. This will provide GPS position data in suitably equipped aircraft. Non-ADS-B equipped Mode-S transponders will not provide this position information anyway, just the aircraft ID and squawk code.

3. Does a Mode-S transponder reply to a Mode 3/A interrogation (If the answer is yes, the question then is does it reply something that SBS-1 handles)

It replies to Mode A and C interrogators with Mode A/C replies. These are not decoded by the SBS-1.

4. Although the unit decodes Mode-S and ADS-B, are there plans to decode standard Mode-A/C since this would be highly useful in the vicinity of many UK aerodromes?

There are no plans to decode Mode A/C replies at present. A/C replies have no transponder Hex ID contained within them, just a squawk code (Mode A) or altitude (Mode C). Correlating these unidentified replies to extract any useful information would require a large amount of processing.

5. What is the maximum distance that I will be able to track aircraft at?

It's impossible to be able to give a specific figure for individual setups because the range can vary greatly depending on how the aerial is positioned. In tests, using a roof- mounted aerial we have been able to see aircraft at ranges of up to 250 miles. The magnetic-mount antenna is designed to be placed on a ground plane, which should be a metallic sheet (not necessarily ferrous metal) of at least 30 cm square. A biscuit tin-lid or car roof would be fine.

6. What do the extra symbols (*, E and +) that can appear after the squawk code mean.

They indicate that specific squawk settings have been set by the aircraft. '*' shows that the SPI (Special Identification Pulse) state has been set. This is set for approximately 18 seconds when the pilot presses the IDENT button on the transponder, usually in response to a request from ATC. 'E' shows that the Emergency state has been set. '+' shows that the Alert state has been set. The Alert state is set by the transponder for approximately 18 seconds whenever the squawk code is changed. The BaseStation software sets these based on certain ModeS and ADS-B messages.

7. How can I view the live radar?

Kuwait Radar(Password required. Please visit our FORUM to obtain your password)


8. What do the colors on the planes mean?

Green is climbing traffic.

Red is descending traffic.

White is traffic in level flight.

Yellow is Signal Lost.

Purple is selected traffic, photo shown on the bottom left.


9. I can see buttons on the right side of the screen but I can't click on them..

Yes.. this is because you're looking at a desktop view of the system that's connected to the SBS-1.

10. I'm seeing strange things like 'How to install a PC'.. why?

You can see everything on screen so when the administrators are updating something, you are forced to see that as well.

11. Some planes seem to be landing next to the runway. Why?

That's a simple lack of accuracy by the transponder system. There is nothing we can do about that.

12. I'm missing parts of the approach/runway.. what's up?

It's difficult to find a good balance in terms of the zoom rate at times. While a far out view gives a good overview during low-traffic hours, it creates a mess when the skies get crowded.

13. I was watching a plane when it disappeared of radar. What happened?

The plane got out of radar range. This can also occur at some point during a planes' descend, when a plane gets below a certain altitude.

14. Can I use Google Earth to view the planes? I've seen somewhere this is possible.

We would have to use a data stream rather than a video stream. What you get now is a video stream, allowing you to view the radar 'as-is'. It might be something to look at in the future, but currently we will use the video stream.

15. Why is there a red square seen on one of the planes on radar?

When an administrator has clicked on that plane, it will be marked with that red square until the system is reset.

16. If one stream fails, the other one will be down as well. Is that right?

Basically the systems work separate from each other, so no. However when the main atcbox.com server fails they will both fail.

17. Does the live radar show military aircraft?

Yes, the live radar shows both civil and military traffic, but only military traffic that are equipped with ADS-B.

18. Help! I cant see anything using KuwaitStorm SBS-1. What do I do?

Read The instruction fully here

19. What is the password for the RADAR?

Please visit our FORUM to obtain your password.

LiveATC.Net (Live ATC Audio)

Full LiveATC.Net FAQ’s here

1. What is a LiveATC.net "feed?"

A LiveATC.net "feed" is an audio stream provided by a volunteer, usually referred to as a "feeder".  Each stream is sent into the LiveATC.net audio distribution system so that any interested listener can tune it.  The audio distribution system consists of a network of streaming audio servers, which effectively make the single stream sent by the "feeder" available to many listeners.

2. Is there a delay between actual/broadcasted transmissions?

Yes, but only the delay in encoding and transmitting the audio across the network.  Transmissions have to traverse this path:

feeder -> main audio server -> slave audio server -> listener

It depends on a number of factors, but delay is typically 5-7 seconds for most listeners.  Your mileage may vary.

3. Do you archive transmissions? How can I get the recordings?

Yes, most feeds are archived.

You can retrieve MP3 recordings of the archives at:


Bolt Lightning Detector

1. How does StormTracker detect lightning?

StormTracker detects the low frequency radio signals produced by lightning's electrical discharge. This signal is the crackling you hear on an AM radio when thunderstorms are nearby. These signals travel for hundreds of miles and are detected by StormTracker's antenna.

2. How does StormTracker know where the lightning is?

StormTracker uses a direction-finding antenna to determine the direction the lightning signal came from. StormTracker's receiver looks at the signal strength to calculate an approximate distance for the lightning strike. There is additional processing done in software to reduce the effect of strike to strike magnitude variations. Once StormTracker knows the direction and distance of the strike it plots it on the map.

Recent strike symbols will be shown in a box for 1 minute, at which point it will change to a circle.


-CG Negative Cloud to Ground Discharge
 -ic Negative Intracloud Discharge
 +CG Positive Cloud to Ground Discharge
 +ic Positive Intracloud Discharge
 codes The old strike (circles) colors go progressively from yellow to red. Yellow being a strike within 10 minutes the next darkest shade between 10-20 minutes and so on.




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